Marie Radke successfully completed her master‘s degree at the UdK Berlin in 2021. Her creative work is deeply rooted in the ob- servation of everyday actions and gestures. Marie‘s projects are characterized by a mix of humorous and innovative solutions and are closely linked to social issues. She strives to give new value to everyday objects and experiments with colours, materials and manufacturing techniques.

Marie she values creative exchange and can quickly integrate into other projects to develop new concepts. She realizes self initi- ated projects as well as commissioned work.



03/24 Halt 21/7 Berlin

10/23 Designblok Prague
09/23 Vienna Design Week 07/23 MONO 4T Exhibition, Berlin

Diploma selection Designblok Prague one&twenty Milan
Lodz Design Festival

Make?!? Graduation Show Berlin

one&twenty Milan (cancelled)
Lodz Design Festival
Ambiente Talents, Frankfurt
Design now?!? UdK Show IMM Cologne

GLOBAL GRAD SHOW | Dubai Design Week, Ciao Show Graduation UdK Berlin