A furniture collection, that provides space to be chaotic.

Familie Hempel is a homage to the classic pile of clothes on a chair. This Special Chair where to put your clothes which are already worn but still not ready for the washing machine. Furthermore it prevents unnecessary washing and encourages the appreciation for clothes in the fast fashion world. The designs are humorous and take a bit of the seriousness out of everyday life. In times of self-optimization it is good to allow a little chaos in one place.

The title is inspired by an old german saying, shouted out when somebody sees a messy room: „Bei dir sieht es ja aus wie bei Hempels unterm Sofa!“ („Your room looks like family Hempel’s place!“)

It’s a collection of 4 members: A stool, a pouf, a bench, and a high seat, where you store clothes.

Photos: Arda Funda