Mono Germany launches a young talent programme with German Design Graduates. With the “Mono Residency”, the family business became an official ambassador of the German Design Graduates. The Residency project marks the 40th anniversary of the Mono teapot. For the residency mono picked 10 designers of the first four GDG years and has invited them to develop new perspectives on the classic Mono teapots and their iconic appearance. 

In July, Mono hosted the 4T Exhibition in Berlin, where the results of the ‘Mono Residency’ were presented to the public for the first time as part of an exhibition event.

The two Classic Side Tables by Marie Radke not only delighted the many visitors to the exhibition, but also Johannes and Matthias Seibel, the 6th generation of the family business from Mettmann, who initiated the Mono Residency and brought the 4T Exhibition to Berlin and Vienna. The idea was born to develop a limited mini-series from the prototypical one-off piece: Four pieces, one for each decade of Mono tea, not for sale, but only to be won in a giveaway.

Photos Exhibition: Sven Serkis
Photos Studio: Nadja Morozewicz, Marina Hoppmann
Photos Mettmann Visit: Fabian Frinzel

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